About miturismo Holidays !

Who We Are ?

Greeting from miturismo Holidays & Leisure Services a complete Travels & Tours Company Pune, India. It is our pleasure to introduce miturismo Holidays & Leisure Services Company establish in year 2007, is specialized in Research, Planning, Management, Personalized Services and offer Quality Products to all its valued Customers with flexible.

We are independent and committed to provide the best standard of professional service with Quality and value as the main objective.

We take pride in building relationships with our customers, getting to know their business and nursing that, regardless of size all receive the same individual attention each and every time.

Our Travel Professionals

Our forward-thinking, highly trained travel professionals specialize in Business Travel Management and each of them haves many years of experience behind them. It is our policy to develop and maintain a close working relationship with your staff, to maximize the benefits to you. Through our continual investments in technology we have the latest system in place to offer you the service you require.

Duty of Care, Peace of Mind and Security

Corporate Social Responsibility is the big issue facing boardrooms and Human Resource departments and travelers alike, as companies’ shoulders more responsibility for the welfare of their traveling employees’ .Having a relevant travel policy and employing a Business Travel Management Company to benchmark your preferred suppliers will then help demonstrate your awareness and a more responsible approach

Payment Options Enhancing the End to End Process

miturismo Holidays & Leisure Services are flexible when it comes to payment methods and we deliver solutions that best meet your requirements. We work with you to choose the supplier that best understands your needs and can offer a flexible customized solution to meet your corporate goals and objectives.

Delivering Quality and Valuable Service

High touch service backed by excellent products is integral to miturismo Holidays & Leisure Services approach to business. As a founding partner of Advantage and its Business Focus Partnership, the greatest group of independent Business Travel Management Companies, with a collective “buying power”. Our corporate customers enjoy a comprehensive range of negotiated air fares to choose from with exclusive special offers in both Economy and Business Class. Our database has a combination of up to ten million airfares, across 54s reputable airlines.

Corporate customers also have access to many.